Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A friend sends an e-mail with the subject line: Hundreds Attend Global Warming Protest.

Enclosed is this picture:

The Owl of the Remove ponders whether Chesterton and Belloc would have blogged if they had the opportunity. He thinks Chesterton would have blogged, but Belloc would not have, giving this Bellocian quasi-limerick:

I wonder if Belloc would blog?

I suppose that the question is odd.

He would say: "not today, because there's no pay,

Can you pay for a pint at the pub?"

Speaking of which, Timothy Jones talks about a couple of brews, and I consequently find it strange that I am both lean and stocky - sometimes in the same single evening.

Father Dwight Longenecker writes about looking out of windows, a favourite past-time of mine.

Tentative Equinox writes about why one should be Anti-Anti-Bullying Day.

After the ice storms in Arkansas Paul Nielsen contemplates the insufficiency of modern housing.

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