Thursday, May 29, 2014

Something I wrote and then posted even though I wrote this title before posting it

Life is very simple, and we waste much time complicating it. Re-heating old flash-frozen memories, and flash-freezing present circumstances for later re-heating. Life is very simple in precisely the same way that suffering is inevitable. There are people who believe that power is true life, for power attains results, and power therefore must be power over suffering. But Jesus the way, the truth and the life totally contradicted this; in his word, his deed, in his sacrifice. God Himself did not choose results-based power. He totally contradicted it.

Just as we complicate life, so we generate for ourselves (and others) greater and more inextricable sufferings in trying to avoid suffering - which could just as well read: in trying to avoid life. Life is simple in that it does not answer our existential queries. Life simply is, and marvelous it is, marvelous and dangerous beyond telling, for who can speak fully of the adventure they are presently immersed in?

And our modern age has kept us from the most elementary level of belief. Our age is primarily defined as the avoidance of suffering at all costs, and the dulling of conscience through noise, and the only result is suffering beyond belief. And suffering beyond belief - that is to say, in a Neitzschean sense, beyond belief to knowing as achieving (a main fault of the Red-Pill Anti-Francis New Seer Movement, We-R-Truth Inc.) - is the worst suffering: the despair of unreality. It is earthbound suffering that at the same time can never get down to earth; it is focused on the flesh, but it is flesh that is hollow to the core.

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