Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"But Rex, what if the Pope were to say that the Synod is way, way broader a picture, and that it shows a sad and blighted attitude towards family on the part of Catholics that they would accede to the Media's ploy to instrumentalize the Synod by focusing obsessively on one subject?"

"Well, then it would be so."

"But what if it wasn't so?"

"Well, I suppose it would mean it was a sort of Synod that hadn't taken place yet but you were too obsessed with one single subject to see it."

Ah, Rex isn't so imbecilic after all!


Terry Nelson said...

Very good.

I'm starting to feel as if I'm in some sort of Catholic Twilight Zone.

Paul Stilwell said...

In order to get out of the Twilight Zone we must go to the Outer Limits.

That was bad. Sorry.

But seriously, I know what you mean. The House of God is being purified. And there are those who desperately want to keep their dusty rags, their knowledge-without-charity, their private gods, their convictions that they've made it to where they are on their own and by their own intelligence and that where they are at is supposed to be impenetrable, unbreachable, unshakable, and that if they're getting shaked around then it has nothing to do with their own privations and sins and utter lack of light, but that it is the Devil attacking them. And in a sense, it is the Devil attacking them: he's whipping them up into a ripe froth and getting them to claim that it is God waking them up, and getting them to point their fingers at anyone but themselves.

Where there is fomenting of hysteria parading itself as "waking up to truth" and there is no peace but rather its active opposite, Christ is not in it.