Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What if a government agency were to stage an alien invasion using aviation technology that has been kept under wraps? Could there be any other better mind control?

A staged "alien invasion" done during a pivotal crisis would gain absolute control. If one considers that all forms of totalitarian-state control utilize the cultural narratives (for instance, Adolf Hitler used the Norse narrative and the moneyed Jew narrative) in order to gain power, this becomes an interesting topic to think on, if only because it begs one to think about the assumptions that one is standing on.

What do I mean by "assumptions that one is standing on"? Well, basically, "you don't know what you don't know". For instance, the issue of GMOs - especially as it pertains to food - only came to be public, discussed publicly, fairly recently. Yet the first genetically modified plant was done in 1983 while you were playing Pac Man on Atari. GMOs were in full development at that point; they only needed to be introduced into foods - or marketed.

Was there anything in the public news, culture, media, about GMOs at the time - or even into the 90's?

So what's going on while you're playing Call of Duty on your desktop with people on the other end of the globe?

What is one narrative today which we have unconsciously imbibed over the decades, to which we are vulnerable? And we are extremely vulnerable to manipulation, more so than any other generation. That's a fact. Just look around you to figure that out. We know that the earth rotates around the sun, yet we are more vulnerable to manipulation than any mule-kicked medieval peasant drooling at the dinner table.

It is scientifically proven that television and computer viewing renders the mind into a passive state. Of course, that in and of itself is neither good nor bad. It could be either good or bad. But, you know, by habit our minds are probably like sieves, or like play-dough.

Why is it that a person can say that he believes in "extra terrestrials", or is open to the possibility, and he is regarded as having an open mind, but if you entertain out loud the speculation that a government - or some higher ups - could stage an alien invasion using secret technology, utilizing the cultural narratives (like "Ancient Aliens"), during a period of crisis, thus gaining great mind control through shock, through trauma, through catharsis, that you would be in most cases immediately written off as a kook?

What are you standing on? Whence came it?

Why am I writing this? Well, because I like thinking about it; not so much for its content, but for shaking up routine rote assumptions.

Also, because I want to see if I "lose" any "followers". Losing those people who just have too much common sense.

Just picture it for a minute, just for its own sake: how would you react (aside from trying not to pee yourself), what would you feel, what would be going through your mind, if after a series of devastating events, or a series of bad events happening very close to each other, you were to see flying discs, speeding through the air, stopping on a dime in mid-air, emitting riot-control sound vibrations, paralyzing people and other such things. You were seeing this with your very own eyes.

How malleable are you at that point?

Anyways, I've had some beers. Anyways, what if people in the not-too-distant past were already devising such schemes as staging an alien invasion? Like the Soviets. Maybe they really did subject human beings to genetic experimentation to make them look like aliens according to Orson Welles' famous broadcast and sent them over to the U.S. to render the, malleable, and the scheme ended up failing because they crashed and were taken to Area 51, and what we know of as the Roswell folk narrative is in a sense kind of true, only that it is the tail end of a fractured and failed narrative that was attempted on the American public.

Anyways, I don't really care. I just find so much "intellectual" talk far more ridiculous than the above talk. Like when people talk about "capitalism vs. socialism". LOL. It's especially funny when they take up these terms at the very outset of a discussion on the economy. LOL.

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