Saturday, December 1, 2012


There's a frustrating response that people get when they dare to talk about solving the debt problem. People respond to these solutions as though we were not in the worst economic situation that has ever occurred - global collapse. Do you understand what that means? One nation after another, like dominoes.

When people bring up the actual solutions, real solutions, what they get in response is people with the same talking points - oh, that will cause inflation (as though we weren't living in the worst hyperinflation due to debt), and oh, that would have to be taxed (as though we weren't being taxed to death because of debt), like these were absolute pitfalls that implied we simply can't go there. Like we were seated in some economics theory class and had the omniscient luxury of laying out some perfect plan (which is never the case even in good times), rather than living in the worst economic situation the world has seen, and against which simple inflation or its risk and normal taxation would be paradise.

What stupidity.

You want to know why the debt problem doesn't get solved? It's because of economists and economic theory.

And it is the debt problem that is the problem.

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