Sunday, December 2, 2012


So a tally was done for the Archdiocese of Vancouver. The tally was to find out Sunday Mass attendance.

This has to do with the Catholics Come Home project.

The number of Catholics in the Vancouver Archdiocese is something over 400, 000.

Of that number, some 83, 000 attend Sunday Mass.


I don't remember ever having genuine Turkish Delight before. I may have had it as a kid - I'm not sure.

Coming across it at the store, I bought a box: all-natural, vegan, no-gmo, gluten-free blah blah blah Turkish Delight.

I now understand Edmund.


"Necessity now compels all to recognize that the creation, and issuance of the medium of exchange, the monetization of public credit, the circulation of the medium of exchange, and the general supervision of the monetary system must be restored to government. If we are to make the Golden Rule the “ism” of Democracy we must drive the money changers out of the temples of government and put the spirit of Christ in charge. By such changes the sovereignty of usury can be overthrown and the elected representatives of the people may become the rulers of the “economic bloodstream of the nation”. Responsible government as an expression of Christian Democracy may then be maintained....

....Money must be restored to its proper function. It must be issued and circulated primarily as a tool of trade serving as the medium of exchange in the creation and distribution of the wealth essential to the need, convenience and existence of humanity. It must cease to be an instrument of appropriation functioning primarily for the purpose of impounding the wealth of the nation to the service of lovers of wealth and money power.
“Thou shalt not make unto you gods of silver or gods of gold,”
“Thou shalt not lend on usury”, and
“Thou shalt not worship mammon,”
sayeth the law and the laws of God must be obeyed."

4812 Belmont Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C.
January 6th, 1935.

Gerry McGeer was the 22nd mayor of Vancouver and he influenced then-Prime Minister Mackenzie King to end the debt-based monetary system and start a public debt-free legal tender, which ran from the mid 30's to the mid 70's.

After that, the nation went back to a debt-based monetary system...and what happened? Surprise! An atomic bomb of national debt was set off and has been spreading, and exponentially increasing, its foul radiation to the present.

Can you even imagine a politician today saying or writing the kinds of words as in the above quote though?


You know how there are lefty liberals who make claims that since Vatican II there have been modifications to teachings concerning sex and sexuality and the like? Yes? And the staunch traditionalists rightly show them what's what, yes? And some staunch traditionalists claim that there have been modifications to teachings concerning usury - the manipulation of money to make money - just like the lefty liberals claim with sodomy, yes?

Yes, glad we agree. Have a nice day.


"But Paul, but Paul!" I hear you saying. "But the gold standard wouldn't be usury! No, the gold standard is sort of like communism: it just hasn't been done right yet, that's all!"


"If you think that the price of money can't be changed, just get your business graph and see what happened to the prices of 'things' in the longest 'depression' the U.S. had ever experienced up to that time [1873]. As it worked with the 'half-shekel of the sanctuary,' so also it worked with the Gold Standard." --Fabious Melton Butler writing during the early thirties.