Thursday, December 13, 2012


I was wondering how birds fly in synchronization, noticing them now and again. Not birds like geese flying in a V, but the quick little birds.

There will be a gust of them, flying as a unit, and in mid-air all of them at once will veer sharp, not one bird lagging; and then another sudden hard angle turn, each of them at the same split second. How do they do this? They do not practice. You never see birds practicing their synchronization, do you? They just fly that way.

There is no leader, as there might be one at the head of the V, as with geese. But these quick little birds fly as an amoebic amalgam, constantly shifting its shape - totally synchronized.

There is only one explanation, and it is this: there is some music that they sense and they fly to this music. There is no other explanation.

If there is another explanation, and you would like to share it, please don't. I don't want to hear it. Because it's a damn lie. Thank you.


owen swain said...

and God is the composer.

Go ahead, say it's a lie.

Paul Stilwell said...

Well, that was implied!