Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drawing - Extreme Humility

Drew the above in B and F pencils after the below prototype. Drawing it out all the way to final highlights, just for its own sake, helps to get a feel for an icon, to enter into it prayerfully, and thus to develop certain changes, "organic" changes.


Owen said...

A good representation of the icon.

I don't think I am good at icons, in the conventional sense, in that too much of me enters into the work. I am completing one this week for someone and will have it up on the site. I don't even try to make it look like the original because my 'lines' always make it through. Maybe I should simply rest in that as being God's grace/gift and leave it at that, eh.

Regarding this icon, though I've seen it before it occurs to me now that I've never thought about the possible reason for the representation of the body as, shall I say, broad and flat in appearance. Can't think of a reason but I'm sure there is one.

Paul Stilwell said...

Hi Owen, thanks for the comment. I look forward your work.

I've wondered about the broadness of the body before. I think there's a number of reasons. One is that Christ's body is incoporative, and there is room for anyone to find salvation, security, and ultimately themselves, in His body. Another reason I think, that probably has more to do with the really long arms, is the distension and wracking he suffered in crucifixion.