Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden Sprawl Friday

Coleslaw anyone?

Today, most of the garlic got pulled. They should have been pulled earlier, as a center bulb was protruding from the ring of cloves on some of them. There are three varieties. I know one of them is Red Russian, and I know which actual garlics those are, but the other two I'm not sure, as I did not label them, though I know, having placed a stake at each variety, which ones are different from the other; it's just that I do not know any longer the names. No matter how much you think you will remember what you planted, label it anyways.

See the bees? Click to enlarge. The other week, all sorts of bees were over the leek flowers all day.

The cantaloupes - or muskmelons - are sprawling well:


Enbrethiliel said...


I keep forgetting to tell you that I really like your whisk.

Paul Stilwell said...

It matches the cabbage only accidentally. I swear.