Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They look to spoil everything

June 11th. will indeed be a dark day in the world of film.

The only articulation I can come up with thus far is nest-robbing, dream-gobbling, money-licking, marrow-sucking sons of bitches.

Because that is what sputtering rage does; it causes one to be at a loss for words, as seen here:


Enbrethiliel said...



I F****** KNEW IT!!!

Before I scrolled down and saw the title of the video, I read your extremely accurate description, I just knew it had to be the remake of The Karate Kid.

That's almost as bad as remaking The Goonies!

Okay, now I'll watch the video . . . maybe put up one of my own . . .

Robert said...


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Paul Stilwell said...


It's an unspoken (and perhaps even psychic) understanding between Karate Kid fans! :)

Oh, it's just as bad as remaking The Goonies - though the very thought of that (and I haven't thought of such a horrible thing)...that would just be the last straw. I would explode - all out lycanthrope. I know there is still talk about a Goonies sequel, but I wouldn't be surprised if your words prove prophetic - though I'm confident enough that The Goonies is cult enough (not popular enough) to not rouse the stupid attentions of unimaginative Hollywood producers.