Thursday, June 10, 2010

Open letter for release date

Dear REAL Karate Kid movie,

You know that no words need be spoken between us.

You are, in all respects - to take the words from Joe Esposito - the best around. You always will be.

Daniel, you're the best.

Mr. Miyagi, you are without a doubt the absolute and ineffable best around.

Alli (0:52), you're the best.

And Johnny (1:07), even you're the best.

(Apologies for the subtitles, but it was the highest quality one I could find)


Enbrethiliel said...


Dear Paul,

You know that I share your pain.

I also think that your address should read: "Dear REAL Karate Kid movie . . ."



PS -- Did you know that sabotage is the new boycott?

Paul Stilwell said...

Dear Enbrethiliel,

It will make us better people. The film will go by the wayside, and it will all be over.

I changed it accordingly.

Yours Truly,


PS - You crack me up.