Friday, June 11, 2010

Garden Sprawl Friday

There were these radishes I sowed last year and I let them go to seed. I found out that you can eat the developing seed pods of radishes and that they are, according to hearsay, actually quite nice, like a mustardy snap pea, or snow pea. But I didn't try them. They dropped the seeds and they sprouted in the same place this year:

When I planted the lettuces in this bed I made sure not to disturb the growing radishes. There are even some that sprouted in the cracks of the paving bricks:

It was overcast and drizzling today, but towards evening it cleared:

Those plastic pots have mints in them. They will be planted in between the two main beds.

You can see the kiwi trellis is somewhat broken. That happened from a hefty branch that was cut from the willow tree.

The shot holes in the outer leaves of cabbages don't matter at all, as those parts aren't eaten.

The shot holes in the outer leaves of lettuces though are always more frustrating:

And those are mild in comparison to some. But it's alright. They make up for it by forming good full hearts that don't get touched.

The scapes are coming out of the garlic.

They grow in loops. Once they do the first or second loop you cut them off and you can eat them. Otherwise you can let them fully develop, then collect the tiny bulbs and plant them. They will eventually, though not in the same season, get to be regular size bulbs, of the same variety.

The leeks that I am letting go to seed:

I have no idea what the seed heads are going to look like when they open.

Here is a cultivar of yarrow that's planted right beside one of the beds.

Yarrow, like many herbs, is just really good to have around the garden. It attracts good insects, helps the plants that it grows beside, and when its composted it helps break things down faster. Yarrow grows along roadsides and in ditches and along railway tracks. In addition to this cultivar, I want to get some of the wild roadside stuff.

Here's that other bed with the potatoes and cabbages (did I say I like a bit of jostling?):

This one is for Christopher:


Terry Nelson said...

You are one serious gardener. Nice!

Paul Stilwell said...

Terry, I'm probably too serious, which can be told from my cursing when I see the damage slugs do to the seedlings.