Sunday, May 17, 2009

A slick, grandiose speech white-washes well

After reading Obama's speech that he gave at Notre Dame, I have to say this:

They are the 'fair-minded' words that precede the onslaught of a major persecution.

His words are the 'fair-minded' solidification of pro-life, anti-abortion traditional Catholics and Christians as not only holding absolutely untenable 'views', but an irrational force standing in the way of collective peace and harmony. Oh no, it's not there explicitly; he leaves that for the listener to develop within the context of his speech's presentiment of a fuzzy world where the 'crossroads' of conflict don't ever, well, conflict.

As absolutely as the sacredness of every human life, born and unborn, being protected by law is the basis for all other law and debate thereof, so Obama absolutely solidifies his pro-abortion 'inflection' and pro-abortion 'laws' in the elusive sleight-of-hand that there exists some equal neutral ground where we simply just don't agree. Uh, no. Remember, uhm, you guys are the ones enforcing and keeping in practice abortion? You guys get what you want while you tell us about some common ground where we just don't agree?

Is the arrogance for real?

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