Sunday, May 24, 2009



MahoneyMusings said...

What? Are you kidding? Are they insane?

Heather Stilwell said...

You need to do your own show - I can't believe the public isn't hungry for real art!

Anonymous said...

Rejected by whom? And why?

Bryan <><

Tim J. said...

Love that painting.

Jim Janknegt said...

Dear Paul,

Sorry about the rejection. No matter how many times it happens it still hurts. Keep up the good work.


Paul Stilwell said...


If they are insane then it's a compliment.


The public IS hungry for real art. Whether or not mine constitutes 'real art', I will say this: part of what stops the public from getting real art is elitist, soul patch wearing lame brains who have no notion of pluck, whimsy, difficulty, the sacred, or the physical encounter; they think all art is supposed to be a social statement; or a "conciousness raising" detached from incarnation, and which consequently treats of reality like so much furniture to be rearranged, or a buffet table from which one can take some of this and some of that, according to what one chooses; and the less sustained effort by the 'artist' the better.


By the annual Arts 2009 exhibition and competition at the Surrey Arts Center. They don't tell you why; they just say sign your name here and goodbye.


Thank you. Your comment makes it worth it I'll tell ya.


Thank you very much for your words. They mean a lot; I guess if the artist stopped getting hurt, the sacrificial nature of what he does would be lost.