Saturday, May 30, 2009

On the eve of Pentecost...

In case you were thinking the world wasn't teeming with misery - maybe because you don't see ragged people in your front street wailing their guts out or some man or woman in the same street getting stomped to death by militia - I was beginning to type some words into the Google search engine. The words I was beginning to type were:

"How to kill aphids"

Since I found some aphids on a few plants of mine today, I was wanting to get the exact measures for liquid soap and vegetable oil to use in water.

You know how Google throws down its scroll now with a list of things that people search for that might be what you're looking for. As I was typing, How to kill...Google throws down a list and on the top of the list is:

"How to kill yourself" 21, 700, 000 results.

and another:

"How to kill a person" 79, 600, 000 results.


"How to kill someone" 20, 800, 000 results.

We can look at this full-square in the face.

We can, because the descent of the Holy Spirit ensures that we can plumb the depths of the world's misery without flinching, with a bold and scanning eye, and proclaim truly that the world is sadder, deeply sadder than we know.

And then with an interior movement that is like the hurled gyrations of the discus thrower, and which feels like the holocaust of our own selves, we turn to the mighty renewal at hand, coming like a coruscating sun from under an unknown horizon; a renewal whose one and only commonality with our misery is that it is also beyond all fathoming.

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