Monday, June 6, 2016


Can you imagine if it was Pope Francis who headed the installation of the solar panels at the Vatican instead of Pope Benedict?

Oh, the orthodox howling about how eco-socialism is overtaking the hierarchy under Bergoglio! LOL.

Oh, the stats that enterprising know-it-alls would start citing about how solar panels are a high maintenance money-eater and this is all just for show and why isn't that money going to the poor? LOL.

Oh, the profound and prophetic voices declaiming Francis the Underminer as pawning off Holy Mother Church to the carbon-credit depopulation agendas of the ruling elite! Impostor! LOL.

Can you imagine if it was Pope Francis, instead of Pope Benedict, who criticized on a number of occasions the industrial farming of chickens and other animals?

Oh, the orthodox howling about how this ambiguous leader refuses to talk about the issues of abortion and euthanasia! LOL.

And remember how Francis as Cardinal spoke critically about the two top things that western society spends money on?

Cosmetics and pets?

Yes, the good old orthodox crickets.

That's hitting a little too close to home I guess. LOL!

Can you imagine if Pope Francis was asked by some authorities "What should we do?" and he replied, "Don't extort money and don't accuse people falsely--be content with your pay"?

Oh, the orthodox howling about how he ignored the issue of exposing babies on the Roman steps and how he's a false prophet!

Just imagine!

It's easy if you try!

I wonder if you can!


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