Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Hyper-Rationalism...

"Again, this “theology of expiration” conflicts with the historical record, if not logic itself. The Church still casts out demons. She still performs miracles. She still prophesies. Does she not still speak in tongues? The answer is yes." --Mark Mallett, More on the Gift of Tongues

"...the hyper-rationalism of our day that excludes the miraculous is one among many of the powerful genuine deceptions in our times that is eroding belief in God…"

And from his previous post, The Gift of Tongues:

" our times, theologians have strained to give an interpretation to the gift of tongues that is a departure not only from reality, but from the Tradition of the Church." --Mark Mallett, The Gift of Tongues

"Would I be God if in giving I became poorer? And because I have been generous to one of Mine, does that mean that I shall not give him any more? Should he remain shy and aloof? Let him only venture to think that what he has received up until now is nothing at all for Me, and that I find My happiness in showering blessings upon him 'according to My means', as people say. Let him strive to meditate on the length and breadth and height of these means which cannot be compared with anything on earth. And if that child suspects that besides the power, I also have the longing to give - for what lover is not happy to adorn his beloved - he will lose his fear of imposing upon God's kindness or of being too daring with Him. Fully aware of his littleness he will understand His joy in being great for him.

"How often I have had abundant treasures in My tabernacle all ready to give, but no one came to ask Me for them. Yet a good many people came into the church for a short visit - absentminded and aloof, as though My body were dead in the Eucharist and My soul still in heaven.

"Make an effort to think of My Real Presence; it will help you to love Me. Does the life of stillness within you need your senses? Aren't you beginning to be more sure of the invisible than the visible? Aren't there moments when the certainty of faith suddenly breaks in upon you? It is at those moments that We descend into you, because you respond to Our purpose in creating you." --He and I

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