Sunday, April 17, 2016


Itinérante said...

I kept checking all weekend for a new drawing :D

Were there any Thistles?

Paul Stilwell said...

I don't think there were thistles in this land, but it's funny you should mention thistles because just on the weekend I was digging some out of the garden, and they didn't go without letting me know their sting.

You encourage me. :)

Itinérante said...

The drawing (and the one before it) reminded me of "The Thistle's Experiences" the story by Hans Christian Andersen that is why I asked if there were any thistles. Do you know it?

And ouch! I hope it didn't hurt much! I like thistles but I don't like them growing in my little garden for some reason! (I must give this some more thought hehe)
It's gardenia season now! They are beautifully blooming on my window!

Paul Stilwell said...

I don't know that Hans Christian Anderson story. But now I'm going to read it.

It wasn't too bad at all. If one grabs them "by the nettle" as it were, then yes, it would hurt pretty bad. But when one is gingerly around them trying to grab them by the root they still get you. But I find that sort of a good pain - like brushing stinging nettles (which is worse). I have this notion that being stung by stinging nettles is good for you physically.

Having thistles in the garden is very intrusive isn't it. They're quite imposing. They belong in the wild. I had to look up gardenia. What beautiful flower! Very thick looking.

Belfry Bat said...

I was quite amused by Green Deane's Thistle video --- such a lot of work for such a tiny root. There are obviously good reasons for prefering the giant-blossomed cousin Artichoke.

Paul Stilwell said...

I remember that episode. I said, "Yeah, I think I'll just leave that one alone." But hey, if one was famished with nothing else to least now one knows.

And even its cousin the Artichoke is a lot of work for very little (though significantly more than thistle)!