Sunday, January 3, 2016

This harpsichord concerto is absolutely awesome

Marvelous and brilliant.

I love the violinist's face at 5:07. He's like, "Shit, you have the tough part." LOL.

Or perhaps you need to listen to the finale of The Copernican:

Or just listen to the entire symphony.

Astonishingly beautiful.

As one youtube comment put it for Songs are Sung:

"gorecki s music excellent!!!! the 3rd symphony has been over played this is excellent!!!!"


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Belfry Bat said...

I will grant that the first piece shows the skill of the orchestra and soloist: if any of them were lesser musicians, the recording would be quite impossible to listen to. And you are welcome to your taste, of course; perhaps you even hear something in it that I cannot. What I do hear is what a person might write if they had heard tell of such things as concertos, but the only scores he had ever known came in books titled Etudes.

The next one ... this I think I can understand.