Friday, January 8, 2016

Gorecki's Fourth!

Gorecki's fourth symphony, entitled, Tansman Episodes:

Holy mackerel. Funny how when I was listening to this for the first time I thought "Last Things" before I knew any of the following, which is all rather very recent news.

I really like this fourth symphony. Very much reminded me of the Second (which is not only one of my favourites in Gorecki's opus but among symphonies in general) and Beatus Vir. As with those works, it is the kind of deep "like" that you know will become more so upon further acquaintance.

And this from another site:

Today, Górecki’s son, composer Mikolaj, who completed the Symphony No. 4 after his father’s death, discusses their relationship, as both father and son and teacher and pupil, and relates his efforts to complete the piece after the precise indications for orchestration his father had left in the score. Mikolaj Górecki also explores the wide range and contrast among the different movements of the Fourth Symphony, and the influence of Henryk’s earlier works in each one.

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