Monday, March 16, 2015

I stand at your door in Nazareth
Holy Family, not daring to enter,
being with sin, of trust unworthy.

But you do not live without purpose
in Nazareth; so I dare ask
to hide me in the heart of your Son.

There is naught else with me that can be done.
His heart is a house, calling everyone.
Hide me there as you, O Holy Family,

are hidden in Nazareth; make me ready,
that I may never go out from there
as He waxes in strength, carrying timber,

as He takes drink, as He gets a sliver,
as He sleeps or goes to the temple,
as He consoles dying, joyful Joseph.

May I abide there throughout His public life,
His fasting, His travels, His sacrifices,
healings, abandonments, miracles.

May I only go out from that heart
as a libation poured, from His bed of pain,
born from His word - as the Father ordains.


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