Monday, November 24, 2014

These are guavas

Hot diggity damn they had them. Yes! I just went in for a potato, an onion and some mushrooms for steak and there they were, and I hadn't seen them for about half a year, and I said, "No, I'm mistaking lemons for guavas - er, wait a minute!" Booyah! The last time they had them I bought a goodly amount, thinking they would certainly have more when I came back - but the next time the guavas were all gone, all out, and they convinced me to buy those horrid "apple guavas" - yuck! But not too bad with some salt and pepper. These guys though - oh my favourite! Now, my "range", my experience of the world's many fruits is not exactly...well, I'm not Bill Pullman; but still, yeah, guavas and chilean guava (which I grow) are on the top of the list. Did you know Bill Pullman is an absolute fruit maniac? Yes, I've seen that documentary. I thought it was pretty good. Except for the stupid parts. I kind of wished the entire documentary had been about Bill Pullman and his orchards and fruit travels. Oh well. Oh and the first film has been taken of the black devil fish! Did you know what transpires when they mate? Holy crap.

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