Friday, November 21, 2014

Hell is Universalism

"On the other hand, despite the protests of those who imagine a world without absolutes, the knowledge of the existence of hell has moved more men to repentance than many good sermons. The mere thought of an everlasting abyss of sorrow and suffering has been enough for some to deny an hour’s pleasure in lieu of an eternity of pain. Hell exists as the last teacher, the final signpost to save sinners from a horrific plunge from their Creator. Since every human soul is eternal, when we leave this earthly plane, we live on. But it is here that we must choose where we will live forever." --Mark Mallett, Hell is for Real

Imbibing Universalism is like drinking a bucket of insipid snot that coats and clings around every grace and gift and mercy that gives life.

Its final end is not the eradication of the fear of hell, but the dwindling of the immensity, the watering down of the intensity, and the trampling down of the unfathomable mercy of God's inviting love.

Universalism is a pig squealing about how God's sanctuary should be his trough and then tramples and gorges God's flesh by saying His love is a failure for pointing out and warning of the butcher, Satan, and his eternal hell.

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