Monday, October 6, 2014

Lilies that fester

"A theologian who does not love art, poetry, music and nature can be dangerous. Blindness and deafness toward the beautiful are not incidental: they necessarily are reflected in his theology." --Cardinal Ratzinger, The Ratzinger Report

Does reactionary campaigning for pastiche-as-traditional-art count for love of art?

No. It could be included in the category of those who have no love for art. In fact, they could be considered even more dangerous. For they do not merely stay out of the field like a bunch of philistines, but positively infect the field with a false consolidation. And art comes from being at play in the fields of the Lord, which are inexhaustible. Those fields know not any reactionary stringency, political propaganda, however much it may be in the name of tradition.

Remember when Rorate Caeli posted an article speculating about the work of Tolkien as being Gnostic?

And then they refused to link to any sort of rebuttal unless the person rebutting was a "traditional" priest?

Reactionary campaigning. Pastiche. Internet. Deadly. Dangerous, spiritually.

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