Monday, June 9, 2014

Uncle Corky

Figs, and especially white figs, really do have a peak point at which they must be picked. The fat one sagging there on the tree (and consequently on the plate) was yet too early, in spite of its being squishy and somewhat translucent. 

The fig at its picking point must not be defying gravity at all. It must be fully drooping with its own weight. The one in the picture, while drooping heavily, was still fighting gravity somewhat, and its skin was not starting to break. It tasted mediocre; not nearly what it should be. I knew as soon as I broke into the skin with my fingers that it wasn't going to taste great because you could see areas between the pulp and the skin that were still "cottony".

As Tom at Tall Clover Farm has remarked, a single day can mean the difference between biting into gobsmacking juiciness and biting into a mealy cotton ball.

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