Monday, June 23, 2014


My rosary went through the wash, something that never happens. Being a sturdy rosary of sure copper linkage and wooden beads of a honey hue, it stayed intact. But to my horror the deep lustre which the beads had attained from over a decade of de facto hand polishing was completely stripped. Stripped as in Borax stripped. Because I add Borax to my laundry detergent. Because I like the stiffness it gives to clothes.

Back to square one.

Funny, I made an idol of my de facto hand polishing and I didn't even know it.


If statues and images of Jesus and Mary and the Saints are just dead wood and dead stone then the letters in your Bible are just dead letters.

Hah, right back at you.


Wendy's has fallen from a great height, I'm sorry to say. Their beef patties used to be thick and juicy and their fries chips were vastly superior to what they are now. Their burgers are not as substantial as they used to be - and oh, that is so annoying the way they put a huge chunk of whole lettuce leaf in the burger.

Take a cue from McDonald's and Burger King: their lettuce is chopped. McDonald's lettuce is more shredded, but Burger King does the lettuce the best. In fact, Burger King has the burger condiments down perfect (by which I mean the lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and all of that). McDonald's burgers are nothing but sliders - all of them. A&W is great, but man the But seriously, no one can beat A&W's root beer milkshake. That is just awesome. And their onion rings are nice.

But nope, I will say it: of the fast food burger chains, Burger King's double whopper with cheese is the best. Better than what Wendy's now offers. And yeah, I'll take it over A&W.


Because the flame-broil.

And because of the general circumference of their burgers. The circle is wider. The others are not.

And this is Canada. We don't have White Castle. Yet.


How can people eat Krispy Kreme Crispy Creme Crispy Cream Croustillant Crème donuts doughnuts? Even Tim Hortons Tim Hortons' Time Horton's Tim Horton's' are disgustingly sugarfied. But Krispy Kreme Crispy Creme Crispy Cream Croustillant Crème is just...holy crap, how do you people even eat one of them, let alone half a dozen, or a dozen?

They are not donuts doughnuts. They are half-baked squishy sugar-flour somethings - with more sugar on top.

Don't think just in terms of health here, but what are doing to your palette? A palette actually needs to be developed. When you eat things like Krispy Kreme Crispy Creme Crispy Cream Croustillant Crème you are dulling it, turning it into a one-note monochromatic screaming little brat that refuses to eat real things - you know, like actual real donuts doughnuts.

Says the man who voted Burger King.


And who does the best coffee?



Stop it with the word "random". Random this, random that. Own what you say. Like, more than half the girls in church are like randomly wearing like nothing. It's like so random!


I'm not interested in any discussion about immodesty exciting the lusts of men or any other such thing. I would just like to say this, and I say it with sincerity. Ladies, girls, women: you do not have the right to come to church dressed like that. Take that and digest it. There is no difficult thing here. If everything you substantially change about yourself must have some babyish basis in a feminist justification, well then, yeah, you might want to try Hinduism - Hinduism in the western experience, without the butt-naked ascetics.

I don't care about "the subject". The issue, insofar as to "what to wear to church", has in my opinion been largely sidetracked by talking about modesty. It has derailed the main point.

As to the wearing of those articles to church...let me repeat it, and this isn't me talking here, but the Church: you do not have the right. Go to Rome if you want to find that out.

Let me repeat it a third time: You do not have the right to come to church dressed like that.

Think about that for a span of five minutes straight, if you can. Notice where the emphasis in that statement lies. It does not start with "the modesty issue" and its concomitant "Well, real modesty begins in the heart and the intentions..." discussion/debate.

It doesn't mean burka or ankle-length dress or anything you wouldn't naturally wear. Dress casual if you want. If it's not cooking out, I'll typically throw on a cashmere or something with long sleeves or a light jacket over the t-shirt.

That's the general rule. General coverage: good. Purposely designed to reveal either by exposure or tightness: bad. Really, it's not hard. Do you not own a mirror?

Life is short and every little thing we do with it has immense consequences. The Church's consecrated spaces where Christ in the Blessed Sacrament abides should be a no-brainer.

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