Monday, December 16, 2013

The Law of Non-Contradiction

The law of non-contradiction declaims thus: if you say that a certain label is vague and impenetrable and then you apply that label to yourself and say you are proud of it - or conversely, if you take a certain label and apply it to yourself, saying you are proud of it, and then turn around and say that the label is vague and impenetrable - well, the law of non-contradiction says that you have just broken the law of non-contradiction, for your applying the label to yourself and saying you are proud of it clearly indicates that you comprehend what that label means. Thus, saying the label is vague and impenetrable is to break the above-mentioned law, and in a manner of speaking, your left hand is trying to obscure what your right is in fact doing with full knowledge, which is to say, you are by your own craftiness putting yourself in an inextricable bind.

Some of us need to realize the lacy webs we have spun and get back to basics - get away from the internet, get some fresh air, get back to real life.

Update: I quite like this post (and agree with it too) about "Save the Liturgy, Save the World" by Catholic in Brooklyn.

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