Friday, September 27, 2013

Jesus is bigger and deeper than our knowledge of the Church.

Knowledge of the Church flows from Him. To have knowledge of the Church is to share in Jesus' knowledge of His Church.

In other words, the founder Christ knowing His Church is from where our knowledge of the Church springs.

Our knowing comes from His knowing. As such, it is an immense gift, a part of His loving us.

In other words, our knowledge of the Church is not static, not "the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently", because it shares in the eternal and relational knowing that Christ has of His own bride.

If none of this is so, well then, hey, good luck with your new-found gnosticism.

Jesus is smaller than our exaggerated projections on man.

Jesus is the weakest and the most vulnerable, bypassing and escaping every single one of our hindrances as Charity itself.

As such, man is a wondrous being - never a quantifiable product to be imbedded in a doctrinal institution we call the Church.

The power of the Church is shown in that the Church can go out of herself and make the proposal of Christ to man. Man comes into the Church as one coming into his real family, his Mother.

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owen swain said...

Oh, look, the post is back. Well good.

It was, for me, one of your better text posts (I always love the art). It was very well expressed. I don't check-in every day with the blogosphere as I once did so were it not for a feed reader that retains the content of a post even when the author has removed it I would have missed your very fine post.

. . .

It's interesting to me how many people love to rag on Fr. Richard Rohr yet I often I see some of the core things he expresses, all be it in his peculiar way, being expressed by those who disregard him (or worse). I'm not say you do that, I haven't seen that. I am merely saying I can see in the post you removed some very sane and sanely said core principles of our faith.

Jesus is bigger than the Church. Jesus is smaller than mankind's projection of itself. The can go outside herself for the sake of Christ and of souls. That's all well said in my book.