Thursday, September 12, 2013

A U.K. Artist

Have you seen the artwork of Tazia Fawley?

She just had one of her paintings accepted by Will and Kate for their son's nursery.

I think her work rocks the Group of Seven.

Bah, the Group of Seven were way too simplistic anyways. Bunch of aesthete Theosophists who didn't rock their own canoes enough. Fawley shares something similar with their "patterning", but it's ultimately very different - more of a penetrating depth, whereas the Group of Seven tended to be shallow.


Some of Tazia's work:

Land's End in Winter, By Tazia Fawley

Sunset Over The Sea, By Tazia Fawley

The Twelve Apostles Australia-1, By Tazia Fawley

More artwork at her blog.

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