Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drive slow and drive carefully with attention

About two weeks ago on a Sunday there was a vehicle accident not too far from where I live. The first I heard of it was at the beginning of mass when Father informed everyone. He said the family that was killed wasn't expecting to die that day.

A husband and father, who was not involved in the accident but was at home, lost in an instant his entire family. Two women and three children were killed. Thus far it appears a man driving a minivan went through a red light. He was going so fast that the impact sent the car with the family in it flying into a metal lamp pole, shearing the car in two. The impact was so severe that a pair of sunglasses was found imbedded in the metal pole. The minivan that struck the car was located 200 meters away from the point of impact. A man who lives nearby said the sound was like a bomb had gone off.

The man who apparently went through the red light survived, in critical condition obviously. The reasons for the collision have not been ascertained.

Officers and firefighters with decades of experience have said this was the worst they had ever seen. When firefighters break down in tears from having witnessed such a scene it means that there were body parts everywhere - of children.

I guess the point of this post is to say, drive slow; drive defensively; always, no matter what, do the speed limit, in spite of tailgaters; always look left and right at every single intersection, no matter if it's a four way with lights or not; and if you are going through a green light without having to stop, try and be aware of what's there on the left and right of the intersection, which is easier to do if you are driving slow.

And the other point is to say, say a prayer for those involved in the accident and for the bereaved, if you have the mind to. A second of carelessness (though it looks like it very well may have been recklessness) can mean the ending of life.

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