Sunday, May 19, 2013


By Pavel Chichikov

Show me my life, I said,
In His hand a silver box,
Can I open it now? I said
It is here, there are no locks

In the palm of His hand it rested
Dull and heavy silver,
The weight of Him had blessed it,
A sign was on the cover

When I tried to lift it
It came not light away,
Be careful child, address it
With words that I shall say

He spoke the words, I listened
And then I tried to speak
What I had heard, repeat it:
Show me the love I seek

Then I looked inside it
And all the life inside
Blazed with love I’d given
                       And all the rest had died 

By Pavel Chichikov

If you can fly show us your wings
Let us see the iridescence,
Sing to us the love of heaven,
Perching on the crescent moon

Your wish is too extravagant
I am the humblest of the shadows,
I am the yellow swallowtail
I bring the angels down to scale

If I would show you how I am
You could not see me from up close,
You would stand back a thousand yards
And then deny me afterwards

But if you feel the brush of wind
Go past you on a summer night,
It is my wing that you will feel
                        But that alone to know I’m real

The Poetry of Pavel Chichikov

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