Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yawn quote for the year

For the anniversary of Copernicus's birthday some charming person left this comment (now deleted) at one of my music posts in which I posted Gorecki's The Copernican:

"Copernicus is great example of how religion opposed science and progress. Religelous [sic] lords were happy propagating their fairy tales, keeping people in dark and controlling them by indoctrinating fear of imaginary sky daddy in people. It was great people like copernicus, [sic] Galileo, Newton who paved the way for science and progress of humanity. But no one remembers scientists but will pray some fake god men/profits or will die for cinema stars. Humans enjoy benefits of science but never recognise [sic] its true worth______"

Anyone wishing to answer that statement in the comment box is more than welcome.

But if you're up for something else, then listen to Gorecki's awesome 2nd symphony, The Copernican:





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