Monday, February 4, 2013

Live birth abortion in Canada

I think hospitals and abortion clinics should at least be honest and leave live-birth babies outside on the steps of the buildings in which they were due to be terminated as a "woman's right to choose". If you're going to be murdered by exposure, then at least do it openly, you know, like in ancient Rome?

And like in those times, we should have open pits, on the vestiges of cities, and just call them human dumps, and they can be filled with the babies left to die and the euthanized.

Ah, but those pesky Christians would then be snatching those babies away and actually feeding and clothing them and those babies would grow into adults. Can't have that.

I guess the "free press" is sort of like the "free market", ain't it?

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Anonymous said...

Live birth abortion is sick, and all the more ironic that a "first world nation" such as Canada, which is so concerned for "human rights" actually condones such a brutal practice, which violates the rights of those who are least able to defend themselves.