Saturday, September 22, 2012


By Pavel Chichikov

I have a task for you, He said
Difficult for such as you
Pray for every enemy
And those you wounded, not a few,
Unceasing ask it without stint
As if your own soul needed it

As it needs and as it will,
There is no better prayer to pray,
Pray it now without demur
Pray it always night and day,
For that is how you need to be
If you would rise and follow Me

All are Mine, a formal dust,
I made them be as be they must
From moistened particles of clay
Which rise and move and speak and pray,
But move they will with limbs of light
Body, soul to be made right

Then you must be woven of
Such cloth as is the cloth of love
And that is purely golden thread
Without a mixture of the dead
And if you all the wounds forgive
                  Repent as well and you will live 

By Pavel Chichikov

Will you let this rain of sorrow cease?
Yes I will, He says, in lovingness and peace

Shall we meet the loved ones whom we cherish,
Love them better till our grieving vanish?

In Me there is no sorrowing nor can there be,
For in My presence grief is banished instantly

And grant a consummation of our love for You?
Yes, so far above your love are all things new

When my Lord of light will it appear,
Will it be tomorrow’s day or night, next year?

It is My grace to weave such light from sorrow,
                  And when the cloth is finished never is tomorrow 

The Poetry of Pavel Chichikov


owen swain said...

wonderful stuff. i need to get on a mailing list for this poet

Paul Stilwell said...

He posts new poems on his site every Saturday/Sunday.