Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ugh! Those Disgusting People!

People across the internet - which is to say, across the world - are showing their disgust and outrage over pills smuggled from China that contain the powdered flesh of aborted babies. Those disgusting people, they say in the comment boxes, and those disgusting people who consume them - so stupid - believing such things will cure them or keep them young! Outraged! Horrified! Disgusted!

But fetal cells to grow our vaccines and make anti-wrinkle creams and cosmetics and fetal cells for Senomyx to develop better-tasting food, and embryonic stem cells for endless research and fetal tissue transplants to treat things like Parkinson's - who are you to deny anyone that? Now just you shut up about that! For that is the true fountain of youth that will cure us and keep us young! Not like those barbarians!

We've made our plank to the dimensions of infinity.

Because we are so smart, decent and don't want to do no harm to no one.

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