Friday, November 12, 2010

Garden Sprawl Friday

The last of the hot peppers. When I went outside the other night there was some frost, so the next day I took everything, even the nubs. And I replanted some good-sized pieces of the horseradish that I dug up a couple weeks before. I still haven't planted the garlic. There's much that needs to be done.


Belfry Bat said...

well, you can have 'em! Spicy is generally rather bad to me... (but they do look glorious, if I may say so!)

Paul Stilwell said...

I built up my "immunity" somewhat over the years. LOL. Though even then...I can only take so much. But I have read that the more of them you eat the more your body actually does build up a capacity, and that it's not just a mind thing.

Of course one could always dry them and then use pieces of them sparingly for flavour in various dishes.

Ron Mylar said...

We also have same type of garden at our home. And we called as kitchen garden and have these types of chilies in our home. And got in large amount.