Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Game

Enbrethiliel has a game where you list ten favourite things beginning with the particular letter that is assigned.

The last one she did begins with the letter A. I know it's not a meme, but I couldn't help wonder what some of my favourite things are that begin with A. It is hard! It's especially hard to make it both "comprehensive and specific".

But here they are anyway, in no order of importance:

1. Andrei Rublev - the iconographer (which can also double for 'Andrei Rublev' the film, which can triple for Andrei Tarkovsky, the one who made the film. Triple Whammy. Bling!)

2. Ballade #3 in A-Flat. Pushing it? Maybe.

3. Asiminia Triloba - otherwise known as the Pawpaw tree:

4. Artificial Nigger, The (favourite Flannery O'Connor short story)

5. Argonauts, The - by Max Beckmann. The fact that Beckmann finished the painting (his ninth triptych) the day before he died (or minutes before he died as some sources say) only makes it that much more eerily but beautifully prescient. But look at it in comparison to the other triptychs. It's like all those tensions and contradictions have resolved somehow.

6. A-Team, The

7. April - Easter memories...

8. Adoration - No, I'm not just throwing this one in as a check in the "verifiable Catholic checklist"; I really mean it.

9. Al Yankovic, Weird! Just don't anyone say anything. Leave me alone.

10. This film:

Photo source:


Anonymous said...

Okay, we definitely have to watch UHF tomorrow night; it's been too long.


Enbrethiliel said...


Apocalypto!!! That definitely would have made it on my post, had I attempted a movie-themed list. I love this film so much I made it required viewing for my last class of World Literature students. (We were studying Homer's Iliad that quarter, and I thought it would be good for them to look at two epics side by side.)

Good idea to look up scientific names, by the way! I'll try that when I get really stumped by my next list. =)

Paul Stilwell said...


I'll try and get it from my brother!


Making Apocalypto required viewing for World Lit. class...excellent! Like you I went totally gaw gaw for the film when I first saw it. Easily one of the best "film experiences" I've had in the theater.

Speaking of its craft, I can't think of another film that is so tightly jointed, keeping such a continued acceleration.

Enbrethiliel said...


I kind of had the wind taken out of my sails a week later when I learned that a teacher from another year level had also just made it required viewing for World History! =P