Sunday, October 11, 2009


The importing/exporting, shipping and packaging of produce mystifies me.

These cranberries are a "product of USA".

This can mean one of two things. Either the berries were grown here in Canada,

and then shipped to the U.S. to be packaged and then sent back to us (Canada), or it can mean simply that the berries were grown in the U.S. and shipped to be packaged in Canada, Nova Scotia.

I know the former is what happens to a lot of the cranberries grown here in British Columbia. They are grown here and then sent to the Ocean Spray company in the U.S. and then shipped back to us as a "U.S. product".

I'm sure there's a name for this, but don't know what it is. Boomerang exports?

It's strange, but at least not as bad as having the wherewithal to grow some of the finest, tastiest garlic in your own province, and instead importing the blandest, most pathetic garlic from China. (I'm sure China is capable of growing good garlic but shipping that distance requires produce that can endure the travelling. The more like styrofoam the better.)

There's a name for that and I know it. It's called profit margin.

By the way, tomorrow, October 12th., is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

I'm grateful for a lot of things; things that, once I start counting, shed all their relation to numbers, for I see the things expanding out to eternity, and gaining a value that I cannot comprehend.

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