Sunday, September 13, 2009

Red Potatoes, Onions and Water

There still many things to be done and adjusted. The glass container (which belonged to my Granddad, who used it to hold water for his whiskey) has only been placed in and not yet developed. Same for the table on which the "cutting board" is sitting. Some more graduation is needed in the lights of the cloth. And various other details - like one of the dried-up onion leaves coming down into the foreground and casting shadow on the outer edge of the cutting board - need to be put in.

At this point in time I am largely working from memory and from the forms already put down on the canvas, for while I still have the vegetables arranged on the board (they have a longer life than fruits) the onion leaves have all dried up and shrivelled and the onion bulbs have all changed from the fresh-from-the-dirt white-green to a cured yellow, and the potatoes have shrunken.

Keep in mind the picture has been taken with a camera that focuses on some areas while blurring other areas. You are looking at an image of an image, and then one more for it having to pass through the computer.

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