Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama talking to your children

White House spokesman says, "I think it's a sad, sad day that the political back and forth has intruded on anyone speaking to schoolchildren and teachers and parents about the responsibilities that they have as we enter a new school year."

The White House spokesman bewailing the sadness of the "political back and forth", and how it has intruded - did you get that? Intruded - on the big O of the White House going about his usual cunning ways of persona politics, this time with school children, which many would regard as a very insidious form of intrusion.

Doesn't the blatant perversity and reverse politicizing of that spokeman's statement just make you want to puke?

Go and listen to this sermon on the matter. What a wake up call. Hat tip to St. John's Valdosta Blog.

All of this also puts me in mind of this post by Jim Janknegt on why he homeschools.

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