Sunday, June 7, 2009

World's Sexiest Beaches ("News" headline)

Question: how in bloody hades can a beach be sexy?

I'm disturbed by the possibility that there are people out in the world who, seeing a beautiful beach, a place of certain longings, refreshment, discovery and innocent curiosity, will thereupon say with all sincerity that it's sexy. [First frontiersmen, upon pushing aside the brooms of evergreen and peering out to a previously undiscovered expanse of crystal blue shattering on blinding shores, say with one accord: "That is so sexy".] Sexy? That is like thirty rungs below "neat".

Or would the headline be referring to beaches that are known for prominent immorality, like fornication?

If so, then how is other people having sex on a beach, or committing acts on a beach that lead up sex, or committing thoughts on a beach that lead to sex, sexy?

Knowing that this beach we are standing at the threshold of is home, right now, as we gaze, to other people fornicating or carousing in a manner that is the occasion to fornication? Yeah, real sexy that.

And herein lies the key to what's so disgusting about the mainstream secular culture's pop take on sex: it's public. Lose the secret sacredness (not pagan "sacredness", but the awe-inspiring sacredness that you know is from God), you lose the sexiness. The secular culture is demented and blind enough to take a wide public sort of vista, like a beach, and it's next automatic thought in line is "sex".

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