Friday, June 12, 2009

Garden Sprawl Friday

Today I don't have time, as I have actual gardening that needs to get done. But here's some tid-bits (you can click on all photos to enlarge; I finally figured out how to work it):

This is where the pole beans are growing, which used to look like this. It's longer than it looks. Those miserable looking things between the beans are carrot thinnings from the other patch. Carrots and beans like each other. The carrots should pull through and start shooting new green.

The hardy kiwi has blossomed. I intend to do a post on kiwifruit next week.

The beets:

The pumpkins (for previous beets, pumpkins, and melon pics go to this post):

The cabbages are starting to scare me. Previous photo at this post. They seem to be balling up now, slowly.

Those Minnesota Midgets:

The walla wallas are doing good. Carrots in background:

The raspberries coming along (lots of them this year):

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Anonymous said...

So, a Minnesota Midget isn't just a very short man who hails from Minnesota?