Thursday, October 30, 2008

A quicky

Some bosc pears I did this afternoon, for fun. I had not done any still-life for a long time. Man, it felt good. Then I made baked pears for dessert tonight. Not these ones though. I didn't want to disturb the placing of the fruit; not until I finish.

Bosc pears are one of my favourite fruits, next to kiwi and pomegranate. I have a fascination for fruits like the bosc whose colour is none too flashy. Like the medlar, which I have not tasted yet.


colleen4 said...

Rats. You're not gifting me for Christmas this year.

Very sad.

Heather said...

as a grateful recipient of those baked pears, I encourage all to try them. Who would know that the traditional topping for baked fruit - brown sugar, butter & cinnamon could get to such a flavour height with the addition of some graham cracker crumbs. Heavenly!