Friday, October 17, 2008

Everything will be brought to light

Bishops throughout the U.S. have been telling their dioceses that to vote for a candidate who is anti-life would be to go against conscience. It would be, for instance, a violation of conscience for a Catholic to vote for Barack Obama. One can read here on how anti-life Obama is.

There are people, Catholics, who believe it fine and good to vote for the most aggressive anti-life presidential candidate ever in the history of the United States of America. What would be the point of looking into their reasoning?

Then, in spite of the continued admonitions of Bishops and priests, bloggers and Catholic sources in the media across the U.S. who convey the truth and spell it out as to why a Catholic cannot in good conscience vote for Obama, the 63rd Annual Alfred E. Smith Foundation dinner is held, where one Cardinal Edward Egan is seated beside Obama and laughing it up (with McCain on his other side).

It's an annual dinner held by the archdiocese of New York that raises money for charity. It's been a traditional pit-stop for presidential candidates. It doesn't matter squat what sort of event it is: you do not seat a cardinal of the Catholic church beside an extremely anti-life, lying, Planned Parenthood-whipping boy who has the very real potential to come to the place of president and tear off all residual doors that were precariously keeping out the plague. Not when Catholic votes are so important in this matter.

That's just what those deluded Catholics need to ease their suppressed, ill-formed, wretched consciences when they go to vote for the man who would legislate infanticide. The Cardinal was sitting beside him in all good humour and apparently thought he was a great chum! The Church is in for some serious chastisement from God.

I watched some of the event; the jokes cracked in the speeches of McCain and Obama. It's interesting how a different air of 'levity', as strange as it may be to watch in such formidable times, gives certain insights into the characters of these candidates. John McCain can be funny. Very funny actually. Now, I know it's probably cliche to say it, but humour goes a long way in telling you about someone's strengths. My favourite was when McCain said, "Maverick I can do. But messiah is above my pay grade". Ouch. You could see it in Obama's face: keep laughing, for the cameras.

Obama's jokes were not funny. The man is laden with a bitterness. Call me crazy, but he has that air that has been the mark of tyrants in times past. The 'mark' is not just a deficiency in humour, but a certain cold greatness. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in awe of the man in any way shape or form; that's not the greatness I mean. Greatness does not always mean great. It's a concentrated grandiosity that doesn't give any time whatsoever to the human things. It siezes authority in the very moments that it eludes people.

Call me crazy, but I think Obama is capable of incredible hate. Which of course one would know looking at his anti-life record. But beyond that, he seems to have a side where a particular hate would become the motivating force. At least to this writer's subjective take.

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