Monday, August 18, 2008

Elusive signs of life

A pregnant woman in Israel went for testing which showed there was internal bleeding and that the child in her womb did not show signs of life. She underwent an abortion (though I don't know how it could be considered an abortion if they thought the child was already dead) and the child was removed without any pulse. The doctor pronounced the five month baby girl dead and put her into the cooler.

She was in there for five hours. The husband came to the hospital, which is in Nahariya in northern Israel, to take his dead child for burial. When the child was taken out of the cooler she began to breathe. She was then taken to the intensive care ward.

Story here.

What's the real scenario? Extreme negligence by the doctor (being hasty in assessing the child as dead both before and after "the abortion") - or miracle?

I think it was negligence, perhaps extreme negligent stupidity - with the addendum of how miraculously resilient the life of even a five month old girl is, being in a cooler for five hours.

H/T: Spirit Daily

Update: Sadly, the child has died. See the story here.

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