Monday, August 8, 2016

Godfrey Reggio is one of the most interesting of people

He resonates with me.

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Itinérante said...

I haven't finished all the clips in this post- it's the first time I hear about this man!
In the beginning of the second one, I was reminded a lot of this (lovely) mini dialogue from the Perelandra:

But perhaps the most mysterious thing he ever said about it was this. I was, questioning him on the subject—which he doesn’t often allow—and had incautiously said, “Of course I realise it’s all rather too vague for you to put into words,” when he took me up rather sharply, for such a patient man, by saying, “On the contrary, it is words that are vague. The reason why the thing can’t be expressed is that it’s too definite for language.”