Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why didn't Britain vote to declare independence from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, before voting to declare independence from the EU?

Then they could fly St. George's Cross from parliament instead of the imperialistic Union Jack.

Then they would have independence.

Then they would be known as England.

Then they would begin again to be Merrie.

You would think "independence" would refer to a country, and not a union of countries, three of which are not sovereign, being bound to Britain (London).

The "U.K." voted for sovereignty when it has three countries within itself that are not sovereign, but are part of Britain, and those countries had different vote results from Britain. So a victory against the European Union, and tough shit to the countries bound by Union to Britain who voted otherwise.

So maybe Britain should vote to declare independence from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Then you wouldn't have the situation in which conservatives say "tough shit" to those countries called Ireland, Scotland, and Wales who have no sovereignty because they are part of the union known as the United Kingdom (Union Jack) and who voted against leaving the EU.

"Exactly, Mr. Stilwell, exactly."