Monday, May 16, 2016

Such a great film

See that split-second shot of Kingsley at 2:32?


I love how the scene expresses Kingsley's realization that there's a chess prodigy in the house. Not through expository obligatory reaction shots. There's something interior going on. A language across a gulf is being recognized. Beauty is communicated from the rhythmic clacking of the chess pieces and the stop clock. This beauty speaks to Kingsley's character. He knows. The scene in this way is also saying that chess is art.

The way the scene was put together is understated brilliance. The whole movie is.


Itinérante said...

I haven't seen this movie (it's so sad how little movies I have seen in my life!!) but it looks like it is amazing! The excerpts were breathtaking :)
I only learned to play chess this last Christmas and my instructor (my friend's dad) was so so patient and kind but I think I will need A LOT to do still! Do you play well?
2 resolutions after this post! 1- I need to try again! 2- I must get the film!

Paul Stilwell said...

It's definitely one of my favourites. I love playing chess. As for winning...well, let's just say I love playing chess. There's usually a moment about three-quarters into a game where suddenly everything becomes so interesting. It turns into poetry. Yes to both resolutions. I'll play you a game some time!

Itinérante said...

The game fascinates me from start to end!
The first move is just sublime! It feels very awe-worthy... all these choices you can still make and there is just one that you will do and "tic-tic"!
I am the everlasting loser here! But I love playing so I do not really care, I sort of like the feeling of being won, the happiness it gives to my opponent, it's beautiful :)!
I love playing against smart people... I feel I make up for my loser-ship in their shadow! So let's indeed play one time!