Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cause after Effect

If I cared to make a top ten list of my all-time favourite films, no matter what films would drop off and others take their place down the years, Au Hasard Balthasar would always remain in the top five, no matter what. Absolutely.

It kills me that so many people go through life watching so much celluloid dross and never see this film, or any of Bresson's films.

"...Thanks to that extraordinary device, the miraculous machine called a camera. As a matter of fact, what surprises me is that such an incredible device, capable of recording what our eye cannot, or more precisely, what our mind does not, is only used to show us tricks and falsehoods. That's what surprises me." 

Did he just hit the bulls-eye or what.

And listen to what else he has to say. I think Robert Bresson was prophetic.


Itinérante said...

Au Hasard Balthasar made me cry a lot! But is is so so great!!
It should be on everyone's "must see" movie list!
How much do modern films that are "deep wannabes" look stupid compared to this one?

Paul Stilwell said...

Agreed. I've never sat for so long in silence after a movie ended.