Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sudden now the mountain is snuffed
that just before had sung and blushed
its face of snow, watched and clocked
the warming light descend,

the while becoming a ghost of glass:
helio-ward the eastern ether
staring through, as after a going lover,

back to which the wing-fledged poplars
run their shades, over flatland lay,
towing behind the temporal slash

that cuts the mountain's base away
in smooth upclimb - earth rim's shadow axe.
Detached like cloud the peakmost then,

dusk's instant holds the open world,
the downs yield up musk essence when
base and mid and cap again, stand sea-green

like a close-at-hand toy or gem
obscurity-flattened, hazening brink.
Sudden now the mountain is snuffed,

in night-world, sends mountain-word
multiplied clear, closer and farther
at once and the same, an everywhere house

self-despoiled, of burial birth,
great the presence, throne unseen,
like a beating white-hot heart that beats

so that would each of our burials be.

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